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[NorthSec CTF 2023] - Desk Surveillance Publisher
·10 mins
CTF writeups ROP autopwn angr
Cameras are down. Not the endpoint installing their firmwares. Open socket here. Could analyze some outdated firmwares.
[RITSEC CTF 2023] - Steg as a Service
·10 mins
CTF writeups ROP BinDiff
Can you try exploiting our shady copy of steghide so that we can convince our managers to update the binary?
[Real World CTF 4th] - SVME
·5 mins
CTF writeups VM ROP
Professor Terence Parr has taught us how to build a virtual machine. Now it’s time to break it!
[DefCamp CTF 2022] - blinsight
·8 mins
CTF writeups blind PWN ROP
Hunting for eggs!